Visibility from the outside in


Machine data, wire data, transaction times ... all useful bits obtained from monitoring your infrastructure and applications. None of these, however, accurately reflects internal end-users’ experience. Obtaining insights from end-users must be derived from their perspective ... at Layer8.

Layer8Insight's metrics are driven by the interaction of the end-user and the system, not by underlying machinery or software. The output is high-quality, dense data that provides insight into what the end-user is actually experiencing, not what logs or counters record. Stated simply, Layer8Insight provides actual end-user experience data for desktops and VDI ... at scale.

Viewing your organization from the outside in with Layer8Insight transforms management and processes, empowering better decision making. Imagine what could be done if your team could leverage ...

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End-User Productivity Assessments

See how end-user productivity is affected by individual actions and IT system performance at the micro and macro level.

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Enriching Machine Data

Enrich IT operations with accurate UX metrics that complement and extend machine data and application logs.

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Concurrent Usage Reports

Obtain a new perspective on Software Asset Management with detailed reports on concurrent usage of applications and web resources.

Supported Platforms

Windows, RDS, Hyper-V, App-V and RemoteApp

XenApp and XenDesktop

Horizon View and ThinApp

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User Experience Rating (UXR)

A high-level KPI that reflects end-user satisfaction as the ratio of application wait times over total end-user active time. The UXR drives operational alerts and indicators.

Simply put, the UXR is a measure of user satisfaction across IT systems.

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Logon Delays

Assess the scale of extended logon delays and unexpected logon behaviors across domains and hosts.

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IT Incident Forensics

Empower support desk and incident investigators with a record of end-user activity and a timeline of UX indicators.

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Web/Cloud Load Time Analysis

Discover how web/cloud response and download times vary across regions and resources, including third-party services.