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VDI And Formula 1 Racing Engine – A Common Denominator

Windows® VDI environments are powerful and complex. Consequently, when things go wrong, it’s a big challenge to make the correct determination of where and what failed, and how to fix it. This is especially so if there is no way to objectively measure the effect of a particular improvement or if a “fix” has been successful.

Another powerful and complex environment is Formula 1 (F1) racing engines. Cosworth, a UK company that designs F1 racing engines, has a factory in Worcester because the leading manufacturer of engine test dynamometers, Froude Dynamometers, is located there []. After all, understanding exactly how to tune their engines was vital to Cosworth’s success.

UXp is the dynamometer of the Microsoft Windows® Desktop world – and of Virtual platforms in particular. UXp provides empirical UX metrics, an innovation not available in any other product. These metrics can be used to tune and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of VDI environments while providing detailed UX event logs to enable Helpdesks to fix users’ UX issues quickly and proficiently.

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