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Living the "New Normal"

Just what you need and just at the right time

Working with many helpdesks, you get to see the normal issues and stresses that users are facing; lockouts, hung applications, slow systems, applications not responding correctly, installing new software, the list goes on.

The normal was to pick up the phone, call support, raise a ticket, get new hardware, all had been possible in a short amount of time.

The resolution was fast and simple as most of the issues were already known.

Then the world changed…

With a large number of helpdesks shifting to home/remote working these tasks are no longer possible. Staff are no longer in the safe environment, with minimal distractions… Business is not “as usual” …

Gone are the days with employees in the same environment, within a shouting distance to resolve the issue. Or to have the IT support staff come and resolve your issue getting productivity back to optimal status. Managers/Team leaders observing issues that arise before getting out of hand.

The future is remote, the future is you…

Now webinars and video meetings are becoming the new standard, a laptop to be sent away for repair or IT staff remotely logging to investigate the issue. A plethora of issues now appear, there is no normal or no office standards to adhere too.

Longer support times, increased number of tickets, the majority of work is now home based, which is resulting more complex issues for agents to resolve.

At OctoInsight we have a solution…

Just what you need

An application “UXP” from OctoInsight … Just install and forget.

Get a near-real time view of your user(s) activities from logon to logoff and everything in between.

Reports on the actual end-user experience, windows and web-based apps.

Just at the right time

Anticipate the issues before they arise, before the losses in productivity and efficiency rack up.

As a business owner, wouldn’t you like to see a daily summary report on issues where productivity has been affected or efficiency has been lost? A simple score summarizing the performance health of the company?

Wouldn’t you like to see the percentage of your users experiencing slow application response times, at certain times of the day?

Wouldn’t you like to see which applications are causing these bottlenecks so you are able to identify the issues fast?

The world may have changed, but so can your business

Become an innovator and adopt this product now, become pragmatic, don’t allow the sudden changes in the world to affect your business…

Look to the future, look to OctoInsight.

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