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Dear desktop user – Part 3

We were joking about the disconnect between dealing with an obvious UX problem – lost time, reduced productivity and unmeasured cost, and the “sacred corporate doctrine” of eliminating unnecessary expense. “If we billed companies by the hour for all the time we spend on our desktops, including all wait time, OK, I get that; the more time logged the more fees charged. But of course nobody does that who expects to stay in business.”

Right, it’s a no-brainer, I agreed. If the actual expense incurred through delays were tabulated – if the wait times were precisely measured and the hourly cost to the organization of each individual kept waiting were calculated, no one could ignore those numbers. If they saw them, wouldn’t the CFO and the budgeteers be jumping out of their skins to verify and rein them in? Of course they would.

If they could see them, sure, but only if their IT team has the tool for it.

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