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Jeremy Barker

CTO & Co-Founder

Jeremy is the creator of inventive solutions that form the core of several notable enterprises including Celebrus, Oakley Networks, Silent Knight, Alto Cirrus Designs and now, OctoInsight, his latest and best. A serial inventor and enterprise founder, Jeremy's intensely practical focus has earned him several patents and enriched many organizations in recent years, both technologically and financially.

Highlights include a long and productive stint as Leader of DEC's UK Performance Group, providing technology evaluations to numerous companies, banks, universities, government departments, managing the SunVision Center (the Road to Java) in Geneva, Switzerland, for Sun Microsystems to inventing the technologies and intuitive interfaces that allowed Speed-trap (now Celebrus) to package them successfully and Oakley Networks to wrap in a suite of security applications, sold in 2007 to Raytheon for nearly $200 million. Jeremy received his early training and hi-tech education at Worcester Technical College and Portsmouth Polytechnic.