“That’s actual user UX performance data, from OUR desktops, across OUR system?”

Yes, for the first time, you have a tool, UXp from OctoInsight, which accurately measures every delay on every Windows® Desktop and browser-based web apps experienced by every user.


This fast, new, super lightweight approach overcomes the technical challenges and privacy concerns that, until now, deprived organizations of the actionable UX performance data essential for efficient operation, data-validated decision making and employee satisfaction. UXp’s default configuration is GDPR compatible, e.g. anonymizing user names and excluding window titles for privacy compliance, except when internal protocol requires full transparency.

“You can’t unsee what you’ve just seen …”

UXp from OctoInsight is a lightweight scalable tool that addresses the annoying delays we all experience on Windows® desktops. UXp gathers application performance metrics directly from the user interface, rather than from an endpoint, a method that ensures complete and accurate performance measurement of every active Windows desktop and web application. The detailed UX performance information is used by IT to quickly solve the root causes of problems. Please take 30 seconds to plug in your numbers in the form below to see instantly the real costs of delays and lost productivity. You will likely be shocked at the initial numbers. You’ve been warned.

UXp provides a cumulative simple performance rating metric, the User Experience Rating (UXR) that represents the percent of an active user’s time spent waiting on an app’s response. For most organizations, a UXR greater than 5% – meaning that a user is kept waiting for more than 5% of their time, indicates poor user experience which in turn signals performance problems. UXR also calculates the cost implications of poor performance by multiplying the total wait time by the user’s total hourly cost. This radically simplifies analysis, enabling IT to take action. UXR’s dual purpose is to assist the IT/HelpDesk to monitor Windows desktop applications’ performance and to serve as a metric by which a provider’s performance under its SLA can be evaluated, monitored, and managed.

Major Benefits

“Digital transformation” becomes powerfully vivid when you deploy UXp as your before-and-after cloud migration and performance validation tool.


Whether you favor AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware or other services, it doesn't matter. UXp’s objective metrics provide you with the verified performance basis that is essential for making prudent ROI assessments and ERP decisions. In day-to-day operations, UXp enables you to quickly make adjustments that boost productivity and compliance. Similarly, UXp data audit trails empower Helpdesk forensics, improving ticket resolution times and enabling users to get on with their work rather than providing “witness statements” to the helpdesk team. And as the distraction of troublesome delays shrinks, it’s terrific for workforce morale!

An Automotive Company Gains Significant Productivity Improvements using UXp

An MSP in northern Germany reported that several efficiency focused executives of “a large automotive supplier decided to evaluate the performance of their IT systems. Specifically, they wanted to see if there were problems on their Windows desktops that were preventing maximum productivity. They deployed UXp and quickly discovered performance issues where they could make efficiency improvements.

Furthermore, in the same evaluation, UXp was used on a wide range of machines, fat clients, VDI, and also on machines such as engine and brake and emission testing devices. The employees were surprised and impressed when they found significant performance problems on brake test systems, where they had not expected trouble.

Overall, the executives reported, the resulting changes produced an improvement in efficiency of thirty percent.”

Peter Böhm,  IT Consultant

Niedersachsen, Germany


How it works

UXp accurately captures actual user experience performance data directly from the user interface, rather than utilizing machine or estimated UX data. In this way, UXp objectively determines the periods of time when a user is engaged with their work and also periods of time when users are kept waiting by the apps and web apps. From these accumulated metrics UXp generates a unique User Experience Rating (UXR) and the cost of time lost, based on the hourly cost of each user as determined by the organization. UXp also keeps track of endpoint resource utilization so that bottlenecks can be detected that could be contributing to periods of poor user experience.

“To get the speed you need, lose the WAIT!”

Suitable for all Enterprises


UXp's ultra-small, non-intrusive software agent is deployed in minutes across your entire network.


Collects data from logon to logoff and everything in between.


Valuable, insightful, real-time intelligence on actual end-user experience.


Well, everything! Everything that affects your use of your windows desktop systems and web-based apps.


When your most valuable asset, your employees, are waiting on slow Windows Desktops, apps and web apps, you incur a substantial hidden cost. UXp accurately calculates this real expense, bringing new clarity and precision to evaluating your digital investments, ROI and ERP.


UXp's UX metrics and reports provide a new level of accuracy, an objective method of validating User Experience Performance as defined in the SLAs.


UXp's factual (actual, not machine derivations) UX performance audit trail enables helpdesk support staff to rapidly investigate and resolve desktop UX issues without disturbing users.


UXp can provide objective side-by-side hardware and software UX performance evaluations as an integral part of pre-sales and onboarding procedures.

Key Features


UXp Does What?
OctoInsight generates Windows & VDI User Experience (UX) metrics, reporting real-time UX data.


Is UXp easy to install?

Yes. UXp is easily and quickly deployed, delivered as standard MSI packages and scripts.


How Does UXp Work?

UXp deploys to the designated PC, server, or virtual system. It sends or records the collected data, making it easy to generate reports or alerts. UXp exports data to all the standard BI tools.


What is the load on a system?

UXp requires very little processing power, typically consuming less than 20MB of RAM and generating ~0.5MB of data per user per day!


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