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Bridging the gap between IT and End-Users

An accurate view – at scale, of what is happening with and to end-users

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What it does

Layer8 captures user experience metrics for desktop and virtual environments.
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How it works

Layer8 provides an agent based sensor for Splunk and similar platforms.
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Why use it

There is a difference between what machines analyze and report and what users see and feel.

Problems solved … Transforming the three perspectives of what users report, operations sees, and management hears into one clear picture.

Using Layer8

Suitable for all Enterprises

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Layer8's ultra-small, non-intrusive software agent is deployed in minutes across your entire network.

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Collects data from logon to logoff and everything in between.

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Valuable, insightful, real-time intelligence on actual end-user experience.

Key Features


Your workforce has enough on their plate. Layer8 helps identify UX problems before your end-users find the time to report them.


Boost compliance reporting with visibility that auditors have never expected.


End-users struggle to recall what they had for breakfast, let alone what they were doing when Outlook crashed. Let Layer8 relieve that burden.

Vendor Management

Reduce overhead and strengthen SLA assessments with accurate end-user usage and UX reports.


Q.What is Layer8?

Layer8 generates accurate Windows & VDI User Experience (UX) insights. It reports real-time UX metrics for active application usage, wait times, logon delays, web loading and more.

Q.How does Layer8 work?

An ultra-small, non-intrusive software agent is deployed to the designated PC, server, or virtual system. The agent sends or records the collected data such that a designated consumer (e.g., Splunk) can generate reports or alerts.

Q.Is Layer8 easy to install?

Yes. Layer8 is deleivered as standard MSI packages and helpful scripts. Layer8 has NO prerequisites ‐ None. No appliances required. No dependencies on .NET. No driver-level or kernel-level instrumentation.

Q.What is Layer8's load on a system?

The Layer8 agent uses negligible processor, less than 20 MB of RAM and generates less than 1 MB of data per user, per day (i.e., your Splunk license won't suffer).